Themed Parties: Trendy or Outdated?

We are transitioning. The leaves are changing from green to shades of yellow, orange and brown. Very soon we’ll be seeing carved out pumpkins in the stores, then tinsel and garlands. Then just like that, we’ll be toasting to the new year! For many, it is the most wonderful time of the year. But for others, the final months are not so good. Extra prayers are sent heavenwards, and many begin to panic about their unachieved goals!

But here are Riah Events, we choose to look at the fun side of things. Let’s focus on what has become a staple for this time of year the ever-popular themed parties! Back in May, we saw the most luxurious themed event take place. Our favourite A-list celebrities came out in their religious regalia for the Met Gala. The notoriety this event gained might have turned an outdated tradition into a classy affair.

So are themed parties trendy or outdated?

If you’re thinking of throwing a masquerade ball, or want your guests to show up to your winter party in ‘all white’, or ‘with a touch of gold’, then you might want to consider the following:

Your well thought out theme might need some explaining

Not everyone will like or even understand the point of your themed party. You may have had it emblazoned on your invitations, and sent out many times by WhatsApp, but there will always be one who will flout the dress code!

They can easily become tacky

Remember, too much imagination can take the class out of your event, and too much glitter does not wash off easily! Keep it luxurious by paying attention to your venue and party accessories. Also, keep your colour scheme succinct.

You can put people off attending your affair

When it comes to parties, people just want to let their hair down! It’s an occasion to eat as much jollof rice as possible, and shaku-shaku until the DJ pulls out the cable! So a theme can feel too regimented, and too much wahala for some, who might choose to bow out altogether!

But on the flip side, some just can’t resist the creativity required for a themed party. These are all the reasons why you should go all out on your dressed-up affair.

They look good in photos

Once the effort has been made, your guests will want nothing more than to flaunt their garb on the ‘gram. What is more, when done right, a theme can be very aesthetically pleasing in the photos.

They are a great excuse to get dressed up

Your ‘cocktail dress and black tie’ event is the perfect excuse to get dressed to the nines. How many other opportunities will people have to get their glad rags on? So think of your themed party as a public service to your friends and family!

They are fun!

Just in case you need another excuse, think about all the fun you’ll have. It will be your chance to dazzle your guests and have them talking about your event long after the last morsel of moin-moin has been eaten!

If you’re thinking of throwing a lavish affair this party season, we at Riah Events can help you add the bells and whistles on. We don’t just do weddings! We also do corporate events, baby showers and birthday parties – themed or not! If you want to hold an occasion which screams opulence, then Contact us, and tell us how we can help you achieve your party goals.