The First Five Things You Should Consider Before You Plan your Wedding

The festivities are over, decorations have been put away and life as we know it has returned with full force. Whether you got engaged over the festive season, or took a break from planning your wedding, it’s time to get back on track, and Riah Events is here to help you do just that.

When planning a wedding, it’s tempting to immediately get excited about all the pomp and pageantry involved such as the dress, the flowers and decorations. But like a tiered cake, we need to get the foundations right first, so here are our top tips.

Set the date

It hasn’t been long since your boo got down on one knee to pop the question. Now your finger is weighed down by that hefty rock, and all your girlfriends have shared their “oohs” and “aahs” whilst you proudly waved it at them. It’s now time to start the business of planning. One of the first things to consider would be your date. Zoning in on one particular date may be quite a feat to pull off on the onset, so it’s best to initially think about your preferred season and pencil in two to three dates which you can later narrow down.

Who’s invited?

The next thing you’ll need to decide on is who will be in attendance. You may want a ‘come one, come all’ kind of do, but our guess is that you probably want to maintain the classiness of your big day, and keep the reigns on the budget. So make that list! Guestlists are tricky because eighty names can quickly swell to 150. This is not helped by the fact that mummy may feel the need to extend an invitation to her entire women’s fellowship. So be prepared to make a few concessions, but remember it’s mainly up to you and the fiancé to decide whose name makes the cut.

Location, location, location

Church, or the town hall? A grand banqueting suite or the beautiful botanical gardens? At home or abroad? Where you decide to hold your ceremony and reception will depend upon many factors. Do you and the other half practice the same faith? Would you prefer a small, intimate ceremony or a big, lavish affair? Will you be accommodating children? These will all have a bearing on your venue. Once you’ve found a location you think you like, get a good feel of the venue managers and make sure you trust and like them!

Pick your bridal party

By now, the word about your upcoming nuptials has travelled further afield, and your nearest and dearest are wondering who will have the honour of joining you as your walk down the aisle. The process of selection may be gruelling but remember your bridal party can be as big or as little as you wish. If the operation of putting together your bridal party is causing you some angst, then check out our article on how to banish bridesmaid drama.

Who will plan your wedding?

Phew! You now have the fundamentals in place. Well done to you! But the hard work has just begun. Piecing together your wedding in the months ahead will involve a succession of difficult decisions, hours of phone calls, and missed days at work whilst you hit the streets in search of wedding favours and the perfect aso-ebi. But this needn’t be you, sis! Invest in an event planner who will walk with you from start to finish of your planning, and who will help you fulfil your vision.

There you have it! Riah Events’ first five things you should consider after you’ve said, ‘I do’. If you got engaged over the holidays, then many congrats to you! We cannot wait to work with you this year. But we don’t just do weddings you know! Your favourite event planners can also plan your corporate event, baby shower, or birthday party! To get started right away, contact us today. A happy new year from all of us at Riah Events!