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We are transitioning. The leaves are changing from green to shades of yellow, orange and brown. Very soon we’ll be seeing carved out pumpkins in the stores, then tinsel and garlands.

Weddings across the board have been vamped up, with bridal entrances topping the best-choreographed numbers, and video footage of the day rivalling any work of Stephen Spielberg.

When it comes to the inclusion of miniatures in your special day, it is a personal choice. Whilst some see the tradition as outdated and tiresome, for others, the chance…

Wedding planning can be exhausting! With so much to pull off so the event can run smoothly, it is little wonder tensions can sometimes rise as the day approaches.

As the world celebrates its fathers this month, here at Riah Events we are focusing on the traditional role of the father of the bride!

On Saturday, 19th of May, the world will come to a standstill and bear witness to what will be the wedding of the year, and frankly, we are as excited as you are!


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At Riah Events we love cultural weddings so much that we want to share with you a few romantic details from the most culturally diverse place on earth.