How Social Media Has Transformed Weddings

Weddings across the board have been vamped up, with bridal entrances topping the best choreographed numbers, and video footage of the day rivalling any work of Stephen Spielberg. What is the main force behind this revolution? Of course, it’s the power of the internet! Social media has poured itself into the fabric of life, at times bringing out its best, and sometimes its worst. But here at Riah Events, we believe that planning and executing a wedding has never been as exciting! So quick! Grab your phones and take notes on how our favourite social apps have transformed the way we say, ‘I do’.


Received an invitation in the post or by email recently, with something akin to #TeamEdozien or #OlaWedsAbi emblazoned on the front? These are just examples of a growing trend of wedding hashtags allowing memories of the day to be easily stored and found on some of our favourite apps for an eternity. Sure, the concept might confuse your great uncle Taofik, but his furrowed brows are guaranteed to switch to a smile once shown the plethora of photos and comments now easily accessible with a few clicks.

The Website

Interaction with your guests, months before the actual day has never been easier much thanks to the wedding website. Many couples planning their nuptials now preferer this method as a way to pre-empt any questions guests might have about the day. And guests can RSVP, find details about the venue, and even request songs they would like to bump the “shaku shaku” to at the reception!

The Pre-wedding Shoot

These days the hysteria surrounding weddings begins weeks, sometimes months before the actual day. If you’re an avid user of Instagram, then you’ll know it’s not unusual to see images of loved-up couples, announcing their impending nuptials on the feed. These loved-up photos are just as much for the ‘Gram as they are to display in the hallway!

The Wedding Photos

Gone are the days when newlyweds would have to wait weeks to be mailed the official photos from the photographer. Now images of your nuptials can readily be found on Facebook or Snapchat whilst the ceremony is still taking place. Whilst some couples love the idea of sharing their wedding with the web in real time, for others the invasion of privacy is a toe-curling ordeal. Whatever your preference is, you’ll have to let your wedding guests know in advance!

The Wedding Video

Aside from the photos, the wedding video has also become a force to reckon with. A quick search on YouTube will yield thousands of the slickest, smoothest and the most stylish productions. In today’s age of social media weddings, if your video begins at the church, then your videographer ain’t doing enough! The sophistication of wedding videos means pre-wedding footage, special angles and changing soundtracks all become a part of the final cut.

The Entrance

If your bridal party is not doing the most when entering the reception, then frankly they don’t have your back. Your bridesmaids and groomsmen performing the baddest moves to Patoranking’s “My Woman” ahead of the introduction of the married couple have now become a significant part of the special day. Just make sure you and your bridal party perfect your choreography if you really want to be squad goals!

There you have it! Six ways social media had revolutionised the way we get married! Whilst here at Riah Events we love the sprinkle of magic the internet can add to modern weddings, we believe the final details are totally your choice! Our job as specialist African wedding planners is to bring your dream to life. Contact ustoday and tell us how we can help you achieve your wedding goals.