Five Ways to Banish Bridesmaid Drama

“I need to do shoe shopping this weekend.”
“We have marriage counselling tomorrow”
“The appointment with the caterer is on Friday”

Wedding planning can be exhausting! With so much to pull off so the event can run smoothly, it is little wonder tensions can sometimes rise as the day approaches. At Riah Events we totally understand that drama in the wedding party can be common, but we also know that left unchecked, it can hinder those all too important arrangements. But fear not because we have five simple ways you and your bridesmaids can cool hot tempers, so you can plan in harmony.

1. Choose your maids wisely

This is the first step to avoiding bridesmaid drama. You and your bridesmaids will be spending a lot of time together, so you want to be sure that they are women you have a genuine bond with. Never feel under pressure to select your cousin Funmi, just because you want to appease her mother! Not only should your bridesmaids be supportive ladies, they should also have a good work ethic. After all, they will be organising the bridal shower, and the hen night, as well as doing some of the running around with you!

2. Pick Your Battles

It is totally normal for disagreements to occur, however that doesn’t mean you need to get emotionally involved with all of them. Remember that your friendships with these women existed before you got engaged, and hopefully will continue to exist after your nuptials. So it’s important you know when to ignore petty drama. Also, you don’t need to play mediator each time your bridesmaids have a tiff. Having said that, it is your wedding so speak up about anything you feel strongly about.

3. Communicate

Let you bridesmaids know what you want from them by setting your expectations in advance. With good ol’ WhatsApp it has never been easier to initiate discussions with the ladies. Also, make time to see them face to face. It’s not possible to meet up as a complete group? Well who says you all need to meet at the same time? It’s fine to meet with your bridesmaids individually or in smaller groups.

4. Show your appreciation

At the core of being a bridesmaid is catering to the bride-to-be’s every need, so it’s normal for them to feel underappreciated. A clever way to deal with this before tensions flare is to show some gratitude. Aside from saying a simple ‘thank you’, offering a nice gesture such as taking the ladies out to lunch, or buying each a personalised gift will make them feel appreciated, and dismantle any prewedding drama.

5. Be reasonable

One of the most common instigator of bridesmaid drama is the dresses! So be reasonable with your request. If the dresses come with a hefty price tag, ensure sure you give the ladies plenty of notice, so they can budget for it. Also, remember not everyone may like to show their arms or wear something form fitting, so offering different style options will be one of the kindest things you could do!

There you have it! Riah Events’ five-point guide to banishing bridesmaid drama! We know reigning in the ladies can be hard work, so let us take care of the finer details of your wedding, from planning to full management of the day, so you can have more time with your bridesmaids! Contact us today for a chat!