Five Reasons Why You Should Consider a Winter Wedding

Traditionally the summer months have been the popular choice for grand weddings, primarily because the sunny rays and full blooms make pure aesthetic goals for the photos. Also, not having to worry about sporadic downpours and freezing temperatures when there is a dress to float about in, and a full face of makeup to keep intact makes better logistical sense.

However, everyone knows the weather is the most unpredictable factor when organising an event in the UK. That’s why it’s probably worth considering holding your big day during the winter months. At least your special event won’t have a roster of other weddings to contend with. In fact, statistics indicate a recent hike in the number of weddings held in the cold season*. In a break from tradition, couples are increasingly looking to dates in October through March to say, ‘I do’. And with good reason! At Riah Events, we love our winter weddings just as much as we love our summer ones, so here are five reasons why you should consider a winter wedding.

The décor will rock

Most venues will already be decked out with Christmas sparkle. Think about the towering tree decorated in glistening baubles, shimmering fairy lights illuminating every corner of your venue, and whispery garlands to complement the beauty of the bouquet. Chances are, if you hold your wedding during the festive season there will be very little you will have to do yourself to create the perfect atmosphere.

You’ll get the venue you want

With most wedding venues being booked up, up to two years in advance during the summer, the cold season, in contrast, is likely to offer more options to couples booking their wedding venue late, particularly in the period which comes directly after Christmas and New Year. In addition to that, couples planning their big day will find that wedding vendors are less busy and will have more time to cater to their requests. Having a winter wedding will do wonders for your stress levels and your pocket!

Your guests are guaranteed

Remember that one July weekend, when you had to attend your cousin Yinka’s wedding, a friend’s engagement party, and the neighbour’s barbecue? Have your wedding in the months preceding spring, summer and you can avoid the divided attention of your guests, or even worse, them declining your invitation completely.

Your wedding will stand out

Imagine you and your bridesmaids wrapped in the softest fur stoles; you step out of your limo to walk down an aisle lined with pinecones and lights. When your ceremony is over, you and your boo take stunning photos against a back drop of snow covered trees. Your images are naturally bright because of the sparkle of the snowflakes. Poinsettias, strings of light, and gold ribbons adorn your reception venue; your guests drink spicy mulled wine instead of champagne and are served the heartiest food from your winter menu. Once the day draws to a beautiful end, they are sent home with gift bags of cinnamon scented candles and silk pouches filled with spiced tea leaves. Your winter wedding is set to be unique from the onset.

Your honeymoon will be a treat

Despite all the romanticism about snow lined branches and festive table ornaments, there is no denying the chill in the air. That is why escaping the cold and getting away to a tropical climate after the wedding will be even more of a luxury. Think of the white sandy beaches and the cocktails on tap you’ll get to enjoy. And once summer does eventually roll in, you can always have another party to celebrate all over again!

And there you have it. Riah Events’ five reasons you should consider a winter wedding. We love all events, but there is no denying the extra shimmer and sparkle that comes with celebrating at this time of year. If you would love for us to help you add the extra touches to your special occasion, no matter the season, then contact us, today. Not only will we help you plan the tiniest detail, we will even manage the running of the day, leaving you to get on with the most important task: saying ‘I do’. Merry Christmas from Riah Events!