Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a wedding planner and a wedding stylist?
A wedding planner handles the logistics of a wedding from vendor referrals, budget management, to day-of-execution. Whilst a wedding stylist helps in designing specifics of the wedding day such as floral arrangements and floor plans.
How much time do I need to plan my wedding?
Ideally 9-12 months, this will give plenty of time to book and source the right suppliers for your big day.
Do you offer packages?
Yes. We offer full wedding planning, partial planning and on-the-day management. I really just need someone at the wedding day to bring everything together. Do you offer this service? Yes, this is the on-the-day management package.
Do you only work with specific budgets or vendors?
We have our preferred vendors list that we like to refer to, but we can work with others of your choice.
What’s your mission?
Our mission is to work together with our clients to create a lifetime memory.
My venue has a coordinator, do I still need a wedding planner or day-of-coordinator?
As your wedding planner, on-the-day coordination is part of the service included in our package. Some venue coordinators may not carry out all specific duties and may also not be aware of your wedding culture.
What types of weddings do you accommodate?
All types of wedding.
Do you support or cater to any specific religions?
We support all religions.
Do you charge an initial consultation fee?
No. Our initial consultation is complimentary. This is a chance for us to get to know each other and see if we’re a good fit for one another.
Do you charge a flat rate for your services or a percentage based on budget?
We charge a percentage based on budget with a minimum charge.
What Additional Services do you offer?
We have a suit service from the Groom and his Groomsman called Suited with RIAH’.
How much communication will we have?
As much as it’s needed within working hours
How many weddings or events do you coordinate per day?
We aim to only coordinate 2 weddings/events a day
Will you be at my wedding / Event?
Depends on your preference
What will you wear to my wedding / Event?
We will wear professional, comfortable & dressy black attire for every event unless asked otherwise (i.e. black tie events).
Will you eat, drink & dance during the reception? How comfortable will you make yourself?
We are there to do our job and will absolutely not drink any alcohol or join your guests on the dance floor.
Are you certified as wedding planners?
What separates Riah Events from other wedding planners?
We are committed, dedicated and honest throughout the planning of your event. We handle every situation in a humbled manner.
What makes Riah Events different?
Our knowledge of different cultures and commitment to your event.
How soon should I book your services?
Anywhere from 14-24 months in advance is advised. Since we only take on a limited number of events each month, our schedule fills up fast.
I am planning my wedding in 6 months, is that too late to hire a Wedding Planner?
It’s not too late.