“Do I Need to Include Children in My Wedding?”

“Oh, I can’t stand them. I don’t like dealing with their mothers, they ruin the photos, and there is always one that needs to be helped to the toilet!”. Shola bemoans the stress of including flower girls and a page boy in her bridal party.

“But they are so cute, and no wedding would be complete without them!”, is Deborah’s take on having children play a major role in her wedding.

When it comes to the inclusion of miniatures in your special day , it is a personal choice. Whilst some see the tradition as outdated and tiresome, for others, the chance to walk on a trail of flower petals and hearing the big “aaaw!” from the pews is all too tempting to pass up.
At Riah Events, we know that choosing the size and members of your bridal party is no child’s play, so this month, we’re shining a light on some of the reasons why you or may not want to include the baby-faced sweethearts in your procession.

Yes, we love children!

Of course, the most obvious reason to have the little darlings march ahead of you down the aisle is the cuteness overload they will add. Who wouldn’t want to see a baby-faced mini bridesmaid or groomsman melt the hearts of your guests, as they scatter petals or balance a ring on a cushion?

Can’t have all four of your sisters, plus your best friends and cousins as your bridesmaids? Well selecting some of their young ones for the task is a great way to keep the family drama at bay whilst also managing the size of your band of bridesmaids.

Enlisting your nieces, nephews, godchildren, or even your own kids to play the role of flower girl or page boy will create lifetime memories for the whole family. The little ones might eventually forget the day you and hubby tied the knot, but you will always be able to pull out the wedding album to jog their memories!

But including kids can be a pain!

Can you imagine your friends having to get ready as your bridesmaid or a groomsman as well as having to get their little one prepped to be your flower girl or pageboy? Deciding to skip over the kids can be a huge favour to their parents, especially if they are also playing a major role in your nuptials.

Sometimes foregoing children altogether can be easier than having to make the major decision of whose broods to use. Avoid causing offence to cousin Toyin because you did not pick her little Justin or Sophie, by not having children in your bridal party at all.

The catering, the wedding limo, the invitations… and the list goes on! With so much else to organise, the elimination of a part of the wedding that is still seemingly included for traditional purposes makes a lot of sense. Besides, that’s fewer people to consider when organising the wedding rehearsal or the big family meeting!

Still can’t resist having children in your bridal party?

1. Use children above the age of four. They are less likely to become restless, and more likely to follow instructions!
2. Assign an adult who will oversee the little ones during the service.
3. Ensure there is a good supply of snacks to keep them occupied (and quiet!)
4. Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse!
5. Make sure they get enough sleep the night before the big day. If your wedding is in the afternoon or the evening, allowing them to have a nap prior to the event is always a good idea.
6. Keep hairstyles simple, and dresses and suits comfortable.

There you have it! Riah Events’ all-you-need-to-know guide on using flower girls and page boys. Whether you choose to have children as a part of your nuptials or not, we wish you much success on your wedding and marriage. If you would like for us to help you with planning and managing your special event, Contact us today for a chat!