Add Royal Elegance to Your Wedding Day

On Saturday, 19th of May, the world will come to a standstill and bear witness to what will be the wedding of the year, and frankly at Riah Events we are as excited as you are! For months, we have seen a fairy tale unfold before our eyes, and it has all been leading up to the moment when Meghan Markle, a (not so) ordinary American girl will exchange vows with our very own Prince Harry. Whether shackled to your TV or standing in the shadows of Windsor Castle hoping to catch a glimpse of the procession, you can agree that the royal affair, taking place on the 19th May will be a spectacle to behold. Your own nuptials maybe fast approaching, so whilst you get your gelé or hat ready for the royal wedding, Riah Events would love to share with you our tips to adding some royal elegance to your wedding day.

The Announcement

In keeping with royal tradition, the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was announced formally by Clarence House. The declaration was made on the 27th November 2017. You may want to think outside of the box when you send out your own ‘save the date’ announcement a good six months prior to the wedding date.

The Venue

If you want to bring a touch of royal wedding class to your venue, why not decorate with luscious white garden roses, peonies and foxgloves? These are the very blossoms that will adorn the chapel at Windsor Castle! Once the day is done, go a step further and allow your guests to take them home. (Prince Harry and Meghan will be donating theirs to local charities after their ceremony)

The Dress

The key to being a princess is to look like a princess, and of course, the most obvious feature is the wedding dress (which must be white!) But whilst the details of Meghan’s dress are still being kept a secret, we can all remember Lady Diana’s 25 feet long wedding train, and Kate Middleton’s, which was a more moderate 110 inches. Yours might not come with the Vera Wang or Alexander McQueen price tag, but you must ensure your dress makes its own statement with a long train. Whilst you’re at it, keep your hair, jewellery and makeup elegant, and leave the heavy contour and highlight for the hen party!

The Bridal Party

In true royal fashion, don’t forget to have as many flower girls and pageboys as possible! Whilst it has been announced that Miss Markle will not have a maid of honour, one common feature that ties all royal weddings are the presence of children in the wedding party. Prince William and Kate’s party included nieces and nephews plus the children of friends. It has been rumoured that Prince George and the cute Princess Charlotte will play the roles of bridesmaid and pageboy on the 19th May.

The Ceremony

With our very own BBC and ITV as well as CBS and NBC in The States all hoping to bring the ceremony live to the homes of millions of viewers, it is important for it to begin on time. There is nothing classy about having your guests wait hours so make sure you are not late down the aisle. Also, the service will only be an hour long, so you might want to consider this whilst planning your own ceremony. The music that will grace Prince Harry’s and Meghan’s ceremony will be classic hymns as well as music played by different orchestras and musicians. If you can afford it, why not splurge on your own orchestra? After all you are a real princess trying to hold her own royal wedding!

The Cake

The icing on the cake (pun definitely intended) should be your own eight-tiered masterpiece. Yes, we know it sounds extra but what’s a royal wedding without a cake that towers above the newlyweds? Prince Harry and Meghan have decided to break away from tradition with a lemon elderflower cake, but you could keep things traditional and opt for the classic fruit cake.

There you have it! Riah Event’s guide on how to add a touch of royal elegance to your wedding. Contact us, if you’d like to speak to us about how else we can help make your royal wedding plans a reality. We hope we have helped you in becoming a real-life princess on your big day, but if all else fails just find yourself a prince to get married to!